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Dunnage Bag is made for protecting cargos, with high quality and best material.

Dunnage Bag special feature
Dunnage Bag is more economical than any other container support product and it can be used effectively.
It is easy for handling.
It is possible to establish or eliminate in short times
it can be used with only air gun.
It is easy to remove, can be re-use, can save costs.

Dunnage Bag usage
Prevent freights friction in the container .
Prevent freights shock in the container .
Prevent freights floating and shaking in the container .
  ⑴ The appropriate size of Dunnage Bag ie less than 80% in the height and width of a cargo.
⑵ Packing materials with honeycomb or corrugated cardboard are recommended for use for thosegoods have sharp edges.
⑶ It is highly recommended to be installed in the middle of cargos. Float it 3cm high from the ground, and it shouldn't go over the cargo.
⑷ When you insert your hand between the bag and a cargo, if you feel light pressure, it is installed properly.
⑸ To remove air from the bag, make a little hole with something sharp, but you don't cut it in line.
⑹ If you want to re-use it, remove air from the bag
*Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags
Width Height Pressure
500*1000 250mm 900mm 0.2bar
600*1200 300mm 1100mm 0.2bar
800*1200 350mm 1100mm 0.2bar
800*1600 350mm 1500mm 0.2bar
900*1200 400mm 1100mm 0.2bar
900*1800 400mm 1700mm 0.2bar
1000*1200 450mm 1100mm 0.2bar
1000*1800 450mm 1700mm 0.2bar
1000*2000 450mm 1900mm 0.2bar
1000*2200 450mm 2100mm 0.2bar
1000*2400 400mm 2300mm 0.2bar
1200*2200 500mm 2100mm 0.2bar
1200*2400 500mm 2300mm 0.2bar
*PP Weave Dunnage Bags
Width Height Pressure
600*900 300mm 800mm 0.4bar
600*1200 300mm 1100mm 0.4bar
900*1200 400mm 1100mm 0.4bar
900*1800 400mm 1700mm 0.4bar
1200*2200 500mm 2100mm 0.4bar
1200*2400 500mm 2300mm 0.4bar